memoirs of a traveller - the unconventional postcard

So this self-negotiated brief was supposed to be 3 weeks long... that didn't happen. About six days were spent designing this set of 'unconventional postcards'. 

These postcards are inspired by the journals which I kept when I first went travelling as well as the textiles and patterns from the South East Asian culture. The illustrations tell the story of the experiences which you don't expect to have before you begin your travels, yet they seem to be some of the most memorable moments and the times you often laugh about when you've returned. 

illustrating Edward Lear's nonsense

When I'm given a selection of briefs to chose from, I always struggle to choose one, so this time, I took the plunge and went for an illustration brief - something I'm not that experienced in. The brief required us to illustrate a selection of our choice from The Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear. Most people opted to illustrate a handful of Lear's rhymes, but I chose to focus on his nonsense botany.

Taking the angle that my illustrations would form a gift set aimed at adults, I took another big step (for me) and decided I wo

uld screen print them - after my first (and only) previous and unsuccessful attempt at it, I was feeling a little anxious to say the least.

BUT, I think my decisions have paid off and I'm actually rather pleased with the outcome - particularly after telling my whole group that it was impossible for me to make a box of any sort.

So I have now found a love for screen printing, and even got a few sheets of make-shift newsprint wrapping paper to take away from it!