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Paul Smith fragrance brief

This project was a live brief set by Paul Smith. It asked for the design of a new his & hers fragrance set for the mainline collection. Me and Rach decided to collaborate on this brief, which was the best decision we ever made as it involved a hell of a lot of work: creating a story & concept behind the fragrance, the packaging design, the bottle design, the name, the scent and point of sale and promotional ideas.

Plus, it was the best decision we ever made because... we won! Meaning we are off to meet Sir Paul himself to get feedback on our work and have won the prize of an internship with him - such an amazing opportunity, I still can't quite believe it.

Anyway, on to the work...

A selection of our research & mood boards which we established throughout the project:

The concept for our fragrance extends from our initial research in which we became interested in Paul's love of gathering objects - he famously does not call himself a "collector" as he knows little about the items he acquires. In this respect, we likened his character to that of the magpie - an inquisitive & creative bird, famous for picking up items which catch its eye, particularly shiny ones, which he uses to adorn his nest in an attempt to attract a mate.

We ran this idea throughout every aspect of our design - from the spring scent (the magpie's mating season), to the bottle designs, which magnetise towards each other, allowing for both attraction and collection.

Below are our final concept presentation boards, which were sent down to Paul Smith for his viewing, along with our mock-ups:


Here's a little piece of me. I designed this little package in order to promote myself and get a placement. The concept is based on my surname 'Insch' and plays on the saying 'give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile'. I've flipped the expression to put a positive spin on my name 'Take and Insch and I'll give you a mile'.

The piece is held together with a tape measure displaying inches, which when unravelled exposes a short cover letter on the reverse of the tape measure holder. Below this is my CV which encases a small folded book of a preview of my design work. 

Landed one placement so far... and an interview for another one... fingers crossed.

YCN graze brief

So finally, the deadline's passed & I can post this...

This was such a time-consumer and at times it made me want to throw my work out of the window, but in the end I'm happy with my outcome. YCN set this as one of their competition briefs, and while choosing which one to pick, I visited graze's website and became addicted. After their yummy food had me caught, it then got a hold over my flatmates and we ended up with about 8 graze boxes!

The brief asked for a new logo, a redesign of the graphic elements on the graze box, and a direct mail to catch the interest of potential new customers.

It was a lot of work, but once I had my concept of nature delivering to your door, it fell in to place. My box and logo design focus around the animals which deliver in nature, and my direct mail is in the form of a flick book. The flick book tells the story of an animal collecting something, then taking it past their home and delivering it to your door.

Now just gotta wait to see what the judges think...

brand it.

This project asked us to pick a word from a given selection and create a brand using that word as inspiration. My chosen word was 'infidelity' - quite fitting with my last project. We were required to produce the brand pillars and elements, without yet considering the product which it would be used for. My brand was named 'one.' My concept was to draw on the word fidelity and play with the idea of two things coming together to create just one. As you can see from my presentation boards, this has been implemented with the use of secondary colours and other elements which symbolise completeness, such as circles.

package it.

The second stage of the 'brand it' project was to then 'package' a product for your brand. This did not necessarily need to be packaging, but could be anything from advertising to web design.

My initial idea for my brand was to create a website which offered customers a place where they could essential find their missing link - the thing that would make them complete, make them one - kinda cheesy, I know - but this was my idea. I wasn't too keen on going down the route of actually making the site though, so opted to design promotional pieces for ''.

As you can see below, I created illustrations which capture the services offered in a playful way - one of my main aims. I designed a direct mail, which fits in with the circular completeness concept, and an advertising campaign for use on the underground, trams and buses, which I feel is simple, yet gets the mind ticking.

design heroes.

I got lucky with this project. I was given Wim Crouwel as my design hero, who turned out to be a pretty good option. I discovered that he was mainly a typographer, most renowned for his 'new alphabet' typeface. The brief was pretty open as to what to design, so I designed (and made) this exhibition souvenir booklet. It contains fridge magnets of Crouwel's whole alphabet - upper and lower case. Crouwel also designed the national stamps for the Netherlands, so I decided to combine these two accomplishments and print the new alphabet onto stamps, similar to his.

During researching, I discovered that Crouwel was a big fan of those nifty little things we all love - grids, and I incorporated this in to my design. When I'd realised my design, I thought it was a neat little souvenir, worthy of a place on anyones art & design bookshelf.

                                            back                                                                                                front

                                     inside left                                                                                            inside right

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