Monday, 25 June 2012

Paul Smith fragrance brief

This project was a live brief set by Paul Smith. It asked for the design of a new his & hers fragrance set for the mainline collection. Me and Rach decided to collaborate on this brief, which was the best decision we ever made as it involved a hell of a lot of work: creating a story & concept behind the fragrance, the packaging design, the bottle design, the name, the scent and point of sale and promotional ideas.

Plus, it was the best decision we ever made because... we won! Meaning we are off to meet Sir Paul himself to get feedback on our work and have won the prize of an internship with him - such an amazing opportunity, I still can't quite believe it.

Anyway, on to the work...

A selection of our research & mood boards which we established throughout the project:

The concept for our fragrance extends from our initial research in which we became interested in Paul's love of gathering objects - he famously does not call himself a "collector" as he knows little about the items he acquires. In this respect, we likened his character to that of the magpie - an inquisitive & creative bird, famous for picking up items which catch its eye, particularly shiny ones, which he uses to adorn his nest in an attempt to attract a mate.

We ran this idea throughout every aspect of our design - from the spring scent (the magpie's mating season), to the bottle designs, which magnetise towards each other, allowing for both attraction and collection.

Below are our final concept presentation boards, which were sent down to Paul Smith for his viewing, along with our mock-ups:

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  1. Love this magpie concept! So clever. Well done girls! :)