Tuesday, 3 January 2012

package it.

The second stage of the 'brand it' project was to then 'package' a product for your brand. This did not necessarily need to be packaging, but could be anything from advertising to web design.

My initial idea for my brand was to create a website which offered customers a place where they could essential find their missing link - the thing that would make them complete, make them one - kinda cheesy, I know - but this was my idea. I wasn't too keen on going down the route of actually making the site though, so opted to design promotional pieces for 'weareone.com'.

As you can see below, I created illustrations which capture the services offered in a playful way - one of my main aims. I designed a direct mail, which fits in with the circular completeness concept, and an advertising campaign for use on the underground, trams and buses, which I feel is simple, yet gets the mind ticking.

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