Tuesday, 3 January 2012

design heroes.

I got lucky with this project. I was given Wim Crouwel as my design hero, who turned out to be a pretty good option. I discovered that he was mainly a typographer, most renowned for his 'new alphabet' typeface. The brief was pretty open as to what to design, so I designed (and made) this exhibition souvenir booklet. It contains fridge magnets of Crouwel's whole alphabet - upper and lower case. Crouwel also designed the national stamps for the Netherlands, so I decided to combine these two accomplishments and print the new alphabet onto stamps, similar to his.

During researching, I discovered that Crouwel was a big fan of those nifty little things we all love - grids, and I incorporated this in to my design. When I'd realised my design, I thought it was a neat little souvenir, worthy of a place on anyones art & design bookshelf.

back front

inside left inside right

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